Is Kemper Profiler any good live?

Kemper Profiling Amplifier frontI’ve been using my Kemper Profiler amp for 18 months for practicing and recording and I absolutely love it. I use 4 basic profiles which I tweaked over time so they feel right for my style of bluesy jazz. In some way I also changed the way I play precisely because of the way the profiled amps respond to my fingers. However, the biggest downside so far was that I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) use it live, so the tunes I wrote with the Kemper never sounded on stage like I really wanted them to sound. I am not complaining, I use a gorgeous Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 with a couple of overdrives in front and I really enjoy that sound, alas this is NOT the amp I used for the original recordings. So I’ve just ordered a pair of FRFR speakers:powered Yamaha DBR10s. It took me 18 months to do this, so it wasn’t exactly an impulse buy. David at Shearers Music Works in Hamilton let me  test for hours various speakers at a ridiculous volume, till I settled on DBR10s. At 700 peak watts per speakers I should be OK(!) for volume, but most importantly this is THE sound I always wanted. I’ll be testing them with Banda de la Casa gig at Nivara next Thursday (if they arrive in time of course). I bet I’ll be needing stands, music cables, power extensions, MIDI leads, bags to carry it in… I hope it is worth it. To be continued…

Maciek Hrybowicz - eclectic guitarist

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