Latest album release: AWA

Maciek’s new album, AWA is Inspired by the three rivers that have formed anchors at differing times in his life, the unequalled beauty and nature of Aotearoa New Zealand and indigenous Maōri culture. AWA forms the soundtrack for Maciek’s sensual experiences of this Pacific Island.

Is Kemper Profiler any good live?

I’ve been using my Kemper Profiler amp for 18 months for practicing and recording and I absolutely love it. I use 4 basic profiles which I tweaked over time so they feel right for my style of bluesy jazz. In some way I also changed the way I play precisely because of the way the profiled amps respond to my fingers. However, the biggest downside so far was that I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) use it live, so the tunes I wrote with the Kemper never sounded on stage like I really wanted them to sound. I am not complaining, I use a gorgeous Two-Rock

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The Thrill Is Gone: B.B. King is dead…

B.B. King has always been a part of my music life, so I still can’t quite believe that he is dead. B.B. was a huge influence on me. I remember desperately trying to get the sweet tone, the perfect bends and the trembling vibrato when I was a young electric guitar hopeful in, then Communist, Poland. I never had any of BBs records; in fact hardly anyone had them, since you couldn’t buy them in the shops. But I had a Russian-made reel-to-reel recorder and I taped some of his tunes from the radio broadcasts. Despite endless practice, I never

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Nivara Lounge solo gig – Kemper Profiling Amp 10 April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my solo gig at the Nivara Lounge in Hamilton and, most importantly, seeing my friends who came to support me – thank you all!  This was my first live outing of the Kemper Profiling Amp and the results are encouraging. (Kemper website).  I think I will really enjoy taking my produced studio sound to live venues. In case you don’t know, Nivara Lounge is a vibrant, atmospheric music club catering to all sorts of musical tastes ranging from very loud punk, rock and dance to quieter jazz, folk and world music – all of it interesting and often

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Guthrie Trapp – Telecaster player supreme

I am a Strat player, Amen! I have other guitars, but Strats fit my body (read: man-boob) perfectly, sound exactly right and I understand how to set them up and make them sound how I like it. The whammy bar sits under my palm all the time, so whenever I pickup and non-whammy guitar, it takes me some time to lose the involuntary reflex to find the bar! However, I would really like to play a Telecaster. I love its simplicity, balance and the tone, but the slab body feels as comfortable as wearing a t shirt made out of plywood! Crucially,

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Okoroire Blues Event, 28 Feb 2015

At the Hamilton Blues Society Okoroire Blues Event. Fantastic atmosphere, great music and delicious hot weather.

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So What (written by Miles Davis) Cover

A quick rendition of Miles Davis’ So What from his classic album Kind of Blue, I simply wanted to highlight the nice tone of the Ibanez guitar.

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