Andrew Hewat

Music is my passion and it is what I studied at university, completing my BMus majoring in Jazz Performance in 2012. I have been playing drums for over 15 years but have always had an interest and desire to learn guitar. Having a degree in music and also having a presence within the local music […]

Steve O’Donell

I’d been looking for a new teacher for sometime now as I have felt stuck or plateau’d and had found it difficult to find one that not only was a great player and versatile, but was also a good communicator and able to translate actions on the fretboard into understandable parts and push me to […]

Mark Sheperd

From a beginner struggling with open chords to cool jazz and blues progressions in under 3 years. Thanks!

Nicky Moran – Itinerant Gospel musician

I wanted to learn to play electric guitar from a person who I had seen masterfully playing in a band, to gain inspiration and technique from someone already doing it. I understood some music theory but lacked know-how to put the puzzle together eg. of adding flavour, interest, lead breaks and harmony parts to songs, […]