Latest album release: AWA

Maciek’s new album, AWA is Inspired by the three rivers that have formed anchors at differing times in his life, the unequalled beauty and nature of Aotearoa New Zealand and indigenous Maōri culture. AWA forms the soundtrack for Maciek’s sensual experiences of this Pacific Island.

Enjoyable Planet FM interview (in Polish)

Fajna stacja radiowa w Auckland Planet FM robi programy w różnych językach, między innymi po polsku. Więc wczoraj (2-11-2019) w programie Halo Tu Polska, dałem wywiad miłej pani redaktor Violetta Abrasowicz-Madej o moim nowym albumie AWA. Zainteresowani mogą posłuchać tutaj:

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3 Reasons why I love ADAM Audio A5X monitors

My first impressions of Adam Audio A5X monitors, which I acquired recently. This is a very short (2.5 minutes) piece describing the three main reasons why I won’t be returning my newly acquired ADAM A5Xs to Sound Techniques. I have NO affiliation with either ADAM Audio or Sound Techniques. Please like and subscribe if you find it useful. Here’s the Sound Techniques website:

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Out of the Blues at Tauranga Jazz Festival 2017

Two clips of Out of the Blues performing at Tauranga Jazz Festival in 2017: Revelation written by Russell Ferrante and Learn To Treat Me Right by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

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Vintage guitars are better, right? Why guitarists want that vintage guitar look?

How come after 60 years of electric solid body guitar evolution, we still buy and desire guitars which are essentially the same as the ones made by Gibson, Fender and Gretch in the 1950s? Why are guitarists so conservative? Why are vintage guitars apparently better?

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Fishman Fluence Strat Pickups – after 3 months

There was a lot of noise about the Fishman Fluence pickups when they were released in 2014. Here is my experience of using them, as well as a short YouTube demo.

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Is it worth getting a professional setup on your guitar?

I have been avoiding getting a professional setup on my guitars for far too long. Here’s why you should have your guitar setup by a pro and why you shouldn’t wait for too long to have it done.

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